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In summer, from December to March, Antarctica is a continent of radiant colour. A deep blue sky above a glassy sea where towering icebergs of incredible shapes drift silently by.

We arrange superb fly in trips and cruises aboard comfortable “expedition ships” staffed by expert guides.  Enjoy amazing wildlife, kayaking, camping overnight, whale watching and skiing amidst extraordinary beauty.  This is a place you have to visit sometime in your life!

Falkland Islands

Known for its great bird-watching, breeding penguins and British sovereignty, the East and West islands are divided by a channel called Falkland Sound and the capital town of Stanley.

Visit Falkland Islands

South Georgia

South Georgia has been called the ‘Galapagos of the Poles’ for its concentrated wildlife and also because of its diverse landscapes ranging from glaciers and fjords, to grasslands and beaches.

Visit South Georgia

South Orkney Islands

This group of misty islands are part of the province of Tierra del Fuego, yet lie 604 km from the very northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Visit South Orkney Islands

South Shetland Islands

It’s sovereignty is shared by various countries who each have their own research station and here you will find an abundance of wildlife and sea birds.

Visit South Shetland Islands

Antarctic Peninsula

Known as the 7th continent of the world; the feeling you’ll have when actually setting foot on its surface will undoubtedly be an exciting moment!

Visit Antarctic Peninsula

Drake Passage

This fore-boding stretch of sea extends 800 km between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands and must be traversed in order to reach the Antarctic proper.

Visit Drake Passage

Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia Highlights

  • Explore the Antarctic

    The Peninsula and South Atlantic Islands

  • Expedition vessels

    Expedition vessels thumbnail

    These true expedition vessels are the perfect way to experience Antarctica.

  • Client Report

    An amazing Antarctic adventure.

  • Beautiful Birds

    Birds of Antarctica

    Beautiful birds soar above spectacular scenery.

  • Activities

    Kayaking in the Antarctic

    Find out the different ways you can explore this vast continent.

  • Itineraries 

    Itineraries in Antarctica

    Enjoy a luxury cruise on the perfect itinerary for you.

A Few of Our Favourite Antarctic Cruise Vessels

Silver Explorer
The purpose built Silversea Silver explorer has been designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s most remote destinations.
Akademik Ioffe cta
Akademik Ioffe
Designed and built originally in Finland, for scientific Polar research, the Akademik Ioffe is now one of the best and most environmentally responsible vessels operating in the Antarctic.
Akademik Sergey Vavilov cta
Akademik Sergey Vavilov
The Sergey Vavilov is recognized as one of the finest expedition ships to ever sail the polar seas, and we're delighted to offer you a berth on this exceptional vessel.
MV Ortelius cta
MV Ortelius
The ice-strengthened vessel “Ortelius” is an excellent ship for Polar expedition cruises in both the Arctic and Antarctic, providing us with possibilities to adventure in remote locations such as the South Atlantic islands, South Georgia and the Falklands.
S/V Australis
Sailing onboard the ice-strengthened expedition sailboat S/V Australis is the ultimate polar experience, a true expedition which immerses you completely in earth’s last and most pristine wilderness; with access to even the shallowest waters.
MV Plancius cta
MV Plancius
M/V "Plancius" is comfortable and nicely decorated, but is not a luxury vessel. Our voyages in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions are and will still be primarily defined by an exploratory educational travel programme, spending as much time ashore as possible.
Ocean Diamond with kayak cta
Ocean Diamond
Sail aboard the Ocean Diamond, a modern, stable super-yacht and experience Quark's Expeditions Antarctica, leaders in Polar journeys.
Ocean Nova cta
Ocean Nova
Sail aboard the Ocean Nova, a modern, stable Expedition ship and experience Quark's Antarctica, leaders in Polar journeys.
Sea Adventurer cta
Sea Adventurer
The Sea Adventurer is the perfect expedition ship for people who enjoy soft adventures and creature comforts.
Sea Spirit
Sail aboard the remarkably comfortable Sea Spirit and experience Quark's Antarctica in grand style with spacious suites.
Ocean Endeavour
The Ocean Endeavour is a bright and modern ship with capacity for 199 people. The ship offers a superb guest experience with a focus on health and fitness.
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Create your holiday of a lifetime by calling us today

UK phone number +44 (0)1604 631155
USA phone number 1-866-871-3829

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